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Literacy Centers

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I work with 2 of my 3 reading groups daily.  What do I do with my other students?

Many teachers use the Daily 5, and have some great ways to organize the 5 choices.

My district has some specific guidelines on how we spend our reading time, but we can be flexible within those guidelines.

Every child must have Independent Reading daily.  That's easy!  Reading groups need to meet so many times per week, with the lowest group meeting daily.

I use little cards with magnets on the back.  At the beginning of the year, I teach the children the meaning of each card, and introduce them one at a time.  We start with Independent Reading, then move on to the others.

Some people call these Centers, or Learning Centers.  I call them Stations.  I don't know why!

I have a section of my whiteboard in the front of the room that's always about literacy stations.  On some days, it might look like this:

The children know that the first row of cards tells where the children go for the first station.  In my classroom, instead of "Group 1, Group2, and Group 3", I have the children's individual names on magnets.  I do change my groups often, depending on the needs of my students.  
I also have one child starred per group, per day.  The starred child is in charge of handing out pillows for Independent Reading.  (I try to make this time as special as possible... who doesn't love curling up with a comfy pillow and a good book?)

In the above picture, for the first station, I'm working with Group 1, while Group 2 does word work, and Group 3 has Independent Reading.  After a while, I switch the groups, and I'll have 2 groups at Independent Reading while I work with the third group.

Or it might look something like this.

In the red example, I work with Group 1, while Group 2 has Independent Reading.  Group 3 has their reading time at the Library.  Later, I work with Group 3, while Group 2 has Independent Reading and Group 2 works at Listening to Stories.

On a day where I have to work with individuals, it might look like this, where I only teach one reading group.

For the first station, I work with Group 2 while Group 1 has Partner Reading and Group 3 has Independent Reading.  Later, I have 2 groups at Independent Reading and Group 3 has Writing.  This is the time I would pull individuals for reading or writing conferences.

How do you organize your students for reading?

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  1. Thank you so much for posting about how you work your stations. My school is just finishing up a book study on the Daily 5 and we are expected to use it next year. It is nice to see how you are using it in a practical way.


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