Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Brain Fitness

A couple of times a year, my school has Enrichment Days.  On these days, each teacher plans a special workshop connected to a theme, and special presentations are planned.  Our enrichment teacher organizes all these "mini-workshops" and gives out tickets for each teacher to distribute for her students.  All the students go to different teachers for 3 or 4 workshops during the day.  It's an amazing day, where you get to teach the same lesson to different groups of kids of all ages from Kindergarten through 5th grade.

This year's theme is Science of the Body and Mind.  The Enrichment day is this Friday!

Since everyone knows I'm interested in the brain, I thought I'd do a workshop on Brain Fitness.

Here are some ways I'll teach the kids to keep their brains fit:
  1. Exercise!  Get the oxygen to the brain!  We'll do a few exercises in the classroom.
  2. Eat Brain Food!  I'll bring in some healthy snacks for the kids.  (probably not fish or spinach, but maybe some carrots and berries!)
  3. Ease stress!  These kids certainly understand what stress it!  I'll do some Yoga moves and breathing exercises with them.
  4. Listen to Music!  I've got a wide variety of music to play in the classroom, from "party" music, to mellow music for concentration. 
  5. Laugh! I recently posted Laughter is Truly the Best Medicine, and  listed some of the benefits of humor in the classroom.  I have a whole box of joke books that I usually bring out on April Fool's day, but I think I'll bring them out early this year!
  6. Drink water!  I've bought a couple of cases of mini-water bottles.  Water is essential for brain function!
  7. Keep challenging your brain!  I'll have a variety of puzzles and riddles for the children to choose from.  I'm a big fan of Sudoku, so I'll have a few of those for the kids.  I also found a couple of cool websites: ABCya Tangram Puzzles has  tangrams that can be done at the computer.  Puzzle Choice has tons of puzzles for kids and adults- go to Kid's Choice for lots of possibilities for printing as well as puzzles for the computer.  


  1. Quite interesting tips. Our brain is the one who works everyday as our every move and action we made, it is our brain's responsibility. Laughter is truly the best medicine, good thing, it is free. When we laugh, it seems our negative thoughts and feelings will be minimized or be gone.

  2. Keith,

    Isn't laughter great? I think I need to do it more often!


  3. Schools are really becoming innovative these days, we should let our kids learn new stuff with us and all that with a laughter!!!:)
    Really like the post.

  4. This is really a good work. Every school must held such extra curriculum activities to generate sharp minded. I appreciate your work for such activity. Thank you so much for your post. traumatic brain injury


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