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10 Strategies for Surviving Until Summer

Ten Strategies for Surviving Until Summer: None of these ideas will cost you a thing, but they'll keep your students interested and engaged for the last few weeks or days!
We have 21 school days left.  I'm trying not to get stressed out about all the work I have to complete in 21 days.  I much prefer to spend the 21 days enjoying my days with my students.

But then again.... these kids are "cooked".  They've taken in as much information as they can, and they're starting to get real cranky.  These little angels who have worked hard all year are struggling!

I need to complete the next couple of weeks of our reading program, then the unit test, then the end of the year test!

Here's what I really want to happen the next couple of weeks:  I want to read all my very favorite books and leave the kids with a desire to read this summer!

I also want to finish the curriculum and all the tests, I want to make the end of the year memory books.  I want the children to have pleasant memories of their second grade year.

I want to be ready for my summer vacation!

But we do have to get through the next 21 days.  Somehow!

So, here are some things I plan to do:

  1. Play a lot of music-  I do like a variety... soft music for concentration, lively music to get them moving, rowdy music to burn off steam...
  2. Bring them out- Work in opportunities to bring the children outside wherever I can.
  3. Loving books- Celebrate books in every way possible!
  4. Make 'em laugh- Find plenty of opportunities for laughter.  Laughter is good, and healing as well!
  5. Fun- Work plenty of games and fun learning into the day.
  6. Move- Get them out of their seats whenever I can.  Get their blood moving to bring oxygen to their brains.
  7. Shake it up- Rearrange things... move desks, change the schedule, do something completely different
  8. Pair them up for projects- Being social increases learning and productivity.  Plus, it's fun!
  9. Have a contest- Get their pulses moving!
  10. Visuals- Find some good educational videos.
These are all things the brain needs for learning.  I try to do this stuff anyway.  I suspect they need it even more than usual this time of year.  It's a hard time of year for all of us, but it's even harder on the kids.  

We WILL make it!  
Summer vacation, here we come!

What are your ideas for the end of the year?


  1. I know what you mean, my guys are soo crazy right now! I have upped our P.E. activities, we are doing more art, and I am having a poster contest:)) Your list sounds like a good one!! Good luck:)

    Surfin' Through Second

    1. Corinna,

      Thanks! Good luck to you, too!


  2. Now THAT list sounds like FUN!
    I hope you enjoy those last days together...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    1. Kim,

      Thanks! It won't be easy, but I will enjoy them!


  3. Thanks for the reminders. Yes, it IS a crazy time of the year. I vow to put the kids first and to enjoy it with them.

    First Impressions

    1. Dee,

      Thanks! I always put the kids first as well. Maybe that's why I'm always the last one packed!


  4. Thanks! I have 2.5 days left now, and I too incorporated a lot of what is on your list. They get so antsy, but hey so do I! Lol...


    005 Watkins' Way

    1. Candice,

      Thanks for the comment! I agree, I get antsy too! Glad this stuff helps!



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