Writing Warm Up

I was struggling with my Writer's Workshop time, thinking about how I had children with fantastic
ideas, yet their writing wasn't flowing.  I knew they had it in them, but I was struggling to get them past that hesitation... the fear of it not being "just right".  A lot of writer's workshop time is being wasted because their writing isn't fluent. 

After much thought, I remembered a writing exercise I'd done in the past at Seminars and training on writing.  I also thought about how I believe in a need for a warm up in all areas... reading, math, even singing and sports! 

I've used discussion as well as graphic organizers for a writing warm up, but they didn't quite do the trick, so I made these booklets.  They use these booklets, and write anything they can think of for two minutes.  The only rules:  No erasing and they have to keep the pencil moving.  If they can't think of anything, they simply write "I can't think of anything". The purpose is to get the thoughts flowing from their brain, through their fingers, onto the paper.

We have been finding that these booklets are helping the children come up with new ideas for writing!

Click here or click the image to download the freebie or design your own booklet!

I've been noticing a difference in their writing fluency!


  1. Excellent Tool for freewriting! :)

    Once they get into a momentum, their ideas will flow :)

    A visual alternative to freewriting could be via mindmaps.



  2. Argee,

    Interestingly, I did a mini-lesson on mindmaps last week! You had some great examples on your blog!



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