Writer's Workshop

Have I mentioned I'm a big fan of Writer's Workshop?  I've been doing Writer's Workshop in my classroom for years, and have seen a great amount of growth in the children's writing skills.

I've been very lucky to have worked with several wonderful mentors who have helped me learn how the Writing Process works, and how to set it up in my classroom.  I've watched some fantastic examples of writing conferences and mini lessons.  I've used many materials, and have tweeked them to fit my personal style and the levels I teach.  I've learned about 6 Traits as well as the Writing Process and have combined it all to fit my needs. 

I've been working on some materials to share with you that I've developed for Writer's Workshop in my classroom.

Click the image to see my Writer's Workshop Collection:

Click the image to see my Writer's Workshop Horizontal Paper.

Click the image to see my very favorite book on Writer's Workshop:

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