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Brain Facts

I just love learning about the brain!  Here are a few interesting facts I've learned from this site:

The brain weighs about 3 pounds. 
Brain Facts: here are several interesting facts about the brain, including some ideas on how to keep the brain healthy.

Reading aloud to a child promotes brain development.

The capacity for many emotions is present at birth.

The brain uses 20% of the body's oxygen.

Stress has been known to alter brain cells and brain function.

Memory is formed by associations, so if you want help remembering things, create associations for yourself.

Lack of sleep may hurt your ability to make memories.

Music lessons have shown to considerably boost brain organization and ability in both children and adults.

Isn't this stuff fascinating?  There's a lot more at this site, which is where I got these facts.

What does all this mean to us as teachers?  Well, it means that children need enough sleep and plenty of oxygen. (That means exercise!)  It means we may need to work at creating associations for the children to remember what we're teaching them.  It means that music lessons help the children learn. 

We probably already knew most of this, but it sure is great stuff!

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