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Why am I Sharing 30 Days of Self-Affirmations?

Happy New Year!
 Yes, you read that right, I'm wishing you a Happy New Year!

Why am I Sharing 30 Days of Self-Affirmations?  For the next 30 days, I will be celebrating my own "new year" with self-affirmations. Won't you join me?

For most of my life, My new year started in September.
That's when each school year started. 

But I'm thinking my new year now starts in June.

I've been doing a whole lot of reflecting lately. I recently marked my "Stroke-a-versary" (Eight years ago I had a stroke: on May 29, 2010.) A new life started then.

But last June, another new year started as well.

I retired after 40 years of teaching.

Yep, that's a total of 57 years of going to school.

For the past year, I've done a whole lot of reflecting.
There are many things about retirement that are really great: 

1. Getting to sleep in.
2. Having a second cup of coffee while watching TV and browsing facebook.
3. Getting to pee whenever you want.
4. Taking a vacation the week after Thanksgiving.
5. No meetings, report cards, testing, or stress!

Oh, there's so much more great stuff about retirement, this is only the beginning.

But it's been tough. After 57 years of going to school, it's been quite a shock to my system.

I definitely can say I've been going through a grieving process, and it's been tough.

There's a whole lot I miss about teaching:
1. Having a purpose.
2. Sharing my knowledge and my experiences.
3. Seeing my wonderful teacher friends daily.
4. Having a daily routine.
5. The kids.

Yep, the kids. 
I really, really, really miss the kids. 
I miss their stories, I miss their reactions to my stories, I miss helping them learn, I miss helping them grow. 
I really, really, really miss the kids.

I've been grieving for the kids since last June.

Retirement is, in many ways, like a death. 
It's when something you love has been a part of your life for a long time, then suddenly it's gone. 

It's a whole lot harder than I thought it would be.

I've gone through all the stages. It was necessary to go through it all, because now I'm ready for the other side!

I had actually had thoughts of throwing myself a retirement party a year late.

But seriously, on a limited income, that's not going to happen. 

I'll celebrate with you instead!

For the next 30 days I'll be celebrating myself with self-affirmations. 
It's a great time to reflect and prepare for the next chapter!

Links to my 30 Days of Affirmations:

Day 1 I am a good person, with a good heart!
Day 2 I do the right thing, even when no one is watching!
Day 3 I always do the very best I can, on all I attempt!
Day 4 I never hesitate to have a good time when I can!
Day 5 I cherish my friendships!
Day 6 I cherish my memories!
Day 7 I don't mind looking ridiculous, if it gets the attention expected!
Day 8 People stay in my heart, even if I haven't seen them in years!
Day 9 I'm a good listener!
Day 10 Exercise is an important part of my life!
Day 11 I am very intelligent!
Day 12 I have a thirst for knowledge!
Day 13 I'm a team player!
Day 14 I prefer to keep the peace!
Day 15 I like visiting new places!
Day 16 I love getting know new people!
Day 17 I have a strong work ethic!
Day 18 I value tradition!
Day 19 I am loyal!
Day 20 I am committed to eating healthy!
Day 21 I am sensitive!
Day 22 I am an introvert
Day 23 I am honest!
Day 24 I am organized!
Day 25 I am polite!
Day 26 I like to laugh!
Day 27 I'm a sap!
Day 28 I tip well!
Day 29 I am strong!
Day 30 I am a passionate teacher!

Here's a summary of them all:

And here are a few pictures I set aside for this project that never made the cut!

Why am I Sharing 30 Days of Self-Affirmations?  For the next 30 days, I will be celebrating my own "new year" with self-affirmations. Won't you join me?

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