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What Could be Better Than Books I That Kids Love?

What could be better than books that kids love? New Hampshire has a great way to introduce children to several new picture books, and a fun way to find out which books they love!

New Hampshire has a great way of helping children get to know some of the newer picture books. They have the annual Ladybug Picture Book Awards. 

All over the state of New Hampshire, 10 nominated picture books are being read to children in grades Kindergarten through third grade. When they've heard all 10 books, they vote on their favorite. 

These are the ten books for this year: (Each image is an affiliate link to Amazon)

I LOVE the way my school organizes it. Each book is read by a different "guest reader", including the principal, assistant principal, guidance counselor, reading specialist, librarian, Phys. Ed. teacher, Music teacher, Art teacher, Technology teacher, and the S.T.E.M. teacher. I give my students a sample ballot (which has the pictures of the books on it) and let them write notes after they've heard each book. That helps them make an informed choice. 

I love that they get to hear several different adults reading quality books! It's so important to have adults model a love for books, and these books were awesome! Although I'm "too old" to vote, and I didn't get to hear all the books, I'd definitely vote for this one if I could:

It shares a TRUE story of an incredible event. I had goosebumps while listening to it.

Of course, some of the teachers get competitive. I even saw a campaign poster for Water is Water!

I think knowing that children were the ones who voted for the winners makes it clear these books are winners!

This was the 2015 Winner:

I'm sure you'll recognize some of these previous winners:


For more about the New Hampshire Ladybug Picture Book Award Click HERE.

Even if you don't live in New Hampshire, it sounds like a fun project you could still do in your school, doesn't it?

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