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Summer Time Blues?

Summer vacation

Today is officially my last day of school this year.

This is the end of my 31st year in my present school.

This is the end of my 39th year teaching in all.

As usual, I have mixed feelings about the school year ending.

These are some reasons why I'm sad:

summer vacation
1. I'll miss the kids. Seriously, After spending 180 days with these little ones, and giving them a whole lot of my energy, they have my heart. They'll always have a place in my heart, just like all my other former students. I never forget them!

2. I can't help but feel "If only I'd..." and wish I could try a little more. I have a feeling we all feel that way. (After all, we're teachers, always trying to do the best for the kiddos!)

3. I'll miss the structure of my days.

4.  I know there are some kids that need that structure as well.

5. I know there are some kids that need the "safe place" of the school environment, where they are loved and supervised, and there are people who care about them.

summer vacation

Of course, I'm happy about school getting out! Here's why:

1. I'm tired, I need vacation!

2. I can hang out in my jammies, sip coffee, surf the internet, and watch mindless TV shows!

3. I can go to the beach and do my favorite thing: put my feet in the sand with a book in my hand... and totally escape into a book. Yes, fiction! I never have time to read for pleasure during the school year, and I can't wait!

4. I can find my garden... and my living room... and my house in general! (Who has time for housework in May and June?)

5. I'll have more time for blogging! I've had tons of ideas, but it seems this year I've had less time than ever, so I can't wait to get back into blogging!

It's been quite a year. You'd think it would get a bit easier after 39 years, but it really hasn't, in fact, I can honestly say teaching is harder than ever.  But it's worth it.  Here's what my students had to say about me this year:
end of school year


  1. I hear you Sally. I loved the photo on the end with the kids comments. I could do something like that with some pages I had my kiddos write for me, but this year I received one gift with two notes that were worthy of a blog post on their own. So encouraging.


    Happy holidays. Enjoy that reading.


    1. It's such a tough job, but those notes make it totally worth it!


  2. I love the comment picture too! What a great thing to have to pull out on those tough days! Have a good start to your summer -- jammies sounds great! Sara

    1. I'm in my jammies now, and it's almost noon! I'm enjoying my first day of vacation!


  3. I'm right behind you...just finished my 36th year in special ed. I, too, worry about my students-for many,I am the one constant in their life, doesn't matter how much they beg, misbehave, etc. I don't change my mind. I believe in them and let them know I do. I pray for them daily. I will have all but 2 next year, plus others. Have a great and restful summer and may you have many pajama days!


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