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Random Christmas Questions

As I FINALLY begin my Christmas Vacation, a lot of random things are racing through my head!
Random Christmas Questions: Questions for teachers as we get close to Christmas such as... are you crazy enough to pull out the glitter a week before Christmas?

Here's the first one:  Does your desk get as messy as mine? 
Yes, folks, this is really my desk, and there's no room for ANYTHING on it!

I'll be cooking up a turkey and all the fixings for Christmas dinner again this year.  I used to make home made cranberry sauce.

It wasn't all that tough. It's pretty much just cranberries and sugar. Lots of sugar. But I don't do that anymore since I found out most people prefer the cranberry sauce that comes out of a can... and is shaped like the can.  

What's your preference? Home made cranberry sauce, or the cranberry sauce that comes out shaped like the can?

 making ornaments
Yep, we had the glitter out this week. I have to admit, the kids were pretty careful with the glitter. They made these awesome popsicle stick snowflake ornaments, which came out great! Plus, they loved doing them! Unfortunately, no matter how careful the kids are with glitter, the whole room shines for a couple of weeks.  But secretly, I admit, I like the little sparkles all over my class. 

I've learned NOT to cover my walls with Christmas items the last week before the holidays. I'm certainly no queen of bulletin boards or "craftivities", but I prefer art projects where the children can be creative. For this project, they painted snowmen. Then they wrote "How to Make a Snowman" procedures. When they finished their final draft, they could decorate their snowmen with felt, crayons, and colored paper. (I thought they had a brilliant idea to use the paper punch to make the buttons and the eyes!)

I learned that I need to find the time for the kiddos to do more of these creative "hands on" projects. They really enjoyed it, and their work was fabulous. Plus, it motivated them to do a good job on their procedures.

My favorite procedure was the one that started off like this: "In order to make a snowman, you need snow."

Here in New England, we're having record high temperatures, and definitely won't be having a white Christmas.

No complaints here! It might reach 70 degrees tomorrow!


  1. I make homemade cranberry sauce every year. I love it so much, I could eat it with a spoon. I add some grated fresh ginger and use the juice of an orange for the liquid. It is soooo good! Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!

    Krazy Town

  2. I DID pull out the glitter during rainy indoor recesses. And I TOTALLY bribed my kids to finish their magic carpet stories by offering an art project. Things need to get just a bit loosened up the week before Christmas. I'm preparing to wear short sleeves to my niece's house tonight. (I'm in New England too.) And, I prefer homemade cranberry sauce but will eat the can-shaped kind if it's the only cranberry sauce available. Have a great vacation and Merry Christmas!
    Laughter and Consistency

    1. I might just wear my flip flops when I go out to run my errands today!


  3. Let's see... I have you beat in the desk department– so much so I've gone in for three hours in this first week of break just to work through it. I"m definitely a shuffle and pile kinda desk person. I USED to make homemade applesauce, and I used to make this fruit compote with peaches and pineapple and spices... but that was in the good old days before school was as it is now. I save January for our snow activities- science and art and lit. By THEN we better have snow here in Michigan. Happy, happy Christmas, Sally. Kathleen


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