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A Year's Worth of Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas

You're in luck! It's time for a Bright Ideas Round up!
bright idea

This is a collection of all our bright ideas from the past year!

Last January, I posted a bright idea on a quick way to celebrate the good stuff. See that post HERE.
bright idea

In February, I posted about a trick I learned 30 years ago from a bus driver, that helps the children appreciate the adults in their life. See that post HERE.
bright idea

March was about keeping a positive attitude toward Reading. See that post HERE.
bright idea

In April, I shared a way for the kids to see the feedback I put on their papers.  Click HERE.
bright idea

In May, I shared some tricks to help the children keep track of the size of certain measurements, even if they don't have a ruler or other tools. Click HERE.
Bright idea

Here's a game I play often, especially in June when the kiddos are more restless than usual. Click HERE to see how to keep them moving!
Bright ideas

July's post was about a trick to get parents to read notes you send home. HERE's the link!
bright idea

In August, I shared my secret ingredient for a Successful Open House. Click HERE.
Bright Idea

In September, I shared a little trick I learned from one of the cafeteria ladies that helps kids feel good rather than "left out". Click HERE for that link.
Bright Idea

Believe it or not, October was the first month since the Bright Ideas blog hop started two years ago that I didn't link up. (That reflects how busy this year has been!)

But you're in luck... HERE's a link to last year's Round-Up! A whole year's worth of Bright ideas for 2014!
Blog Hop Round Up

Blog Hop

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