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Alphabet Books

There are tons of Alphabet books available for children.

Some are quite simple. These really are just teaching the alphabet.

But there are other alphabet books that teach so much more! Here are a few amazing Informational texts in alphabet book form: (Click any image for a link to Amazon for more information!)


Personally, I've got my eye on that Skull book, it looks amazing! It shows the skulls of many different animals, and, along with clues, encourages the reader to figure out what animal belongs to that skull. I know a lot of little boys who would LOVE that!

I'll often share a few alphabet books with my students, showing the different styles and possibilities of an alphabet book.

Then, during writing time, I'll offer them THIS:

It's a template for a "Make your Own Alphabet Book"! It's a freebie, and it's easy to put together: just print back to back, fold and staple! Just click the image for the link!

I'll keep several blank copies available for the children, and encourage them to pick one up if they are an expert in a subject. 

Don't you know a few experts? 


  1. I really like this idea!! I am goung to send the post to my teammate! Thanks so much for the idea.
    Curious firsties

  2. I'm excited to to get check out the Skull Alphabet book you have recommended. I have a feeling my students will love it. Teacher Ms H~Third Is the Word


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