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Things I did and DIDN'T do on my vacation!

I don't know how a whole week has gone by! 

How can weeks drag on while I'm at work, but fly by while I'm on vacation? 


I took off Saturday morning and came back Monday afternoon. 
It was a brief visit to Atlanta, but it was totally awesome!

I did get to attend the ED Expo 2015!
This was so exciting, and I came back with lots of samples!
I'll be sharing a whole lot more about this experience, so stay tuned here on Elementary Matters!


Between eating out in Atlanta (Yes, I did have Southern Fried Chicken and collard greens, Yum!), eating in airports, going out to eat with friends since I've been home, I've been eating too much!
I'm well fed, but I wasn't too happy when I got on the scale. I think I need to seriously watch what I eat!

I didn't get my taxes done, or even organized!

I meant to get the the gym every day that I was home, but that didn't happen!
Well, I did get to the gym one day, but that does NOT make up for all the food I've eaten and all the sitting around I've done!

Well, I still have the weekend!

Be sure to go to Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday link up!

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