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That Sad Feeling When a Book is Finished

That sad feeling when a book is finished: ever feel that way? Here are some reasons for reading chapter books to students, and some suggestions!
Yesterday I finished this read aloud with my students.

Click for a link to Amazon!
When I was a kid, this was my favorite chapter book. Every year I read it to my students, and I remember why I loved it so much!

They absolutely love the book. It's a great opportunity to discuss important concepts like realism vs fantasy, predicting, inferring, summarizing, and the skill for which this text is greatest:

So many second graders are making the plunge into chapter books, and I find it absolutely necessary to model the thought process and skills necessary every time we pick the book back up:

1. Use of a bookmark. 
2. Reviewing (summarizing) what was happening when we left off. (Yes, it may take some re-reading to put the story back in your head.)
3. Predicting what might be coming up.

It seems so simple, but many children need this modeled frequently. 

Plus, this is the story where several of my classes have realized that sadness when a great book is done!  They were pretty excited to hear there were 2 sequels to this book! (Click the image for a link to the trilogy.)

I admit, I was a little sad to finish this book on Friday, since I don't have a new chapter book ready to go!  

I plan to read this one on Monday.

then I'm open for suggestions!


  1. My daughter and I just recently read My Father's Dragon. Believe it or not, I had never read it. I loved it. I need to purchase the other two books in the series. It will definitely become a yearly read-aloud in my room. Have you read Cynthia Rylant's Lighthouse Family series? They're really good. They're well-written but short. Have a great week!
    Laughter and Consistency

    1. I'll have to try the Lighthouse Family series! I've got a bunch of kiddos that need to start working on chapter books, have the reading ability, but not the attention span. That sounds like it could be just the tool to get them moving in the right direction! I find if I read one in a series to the class, those books become quite popular real fast!


  2. I read this series of book every year to my second graders!

    1. I love it every time I read it to them. I typically only read the first in the series, and then show them where I keep the sequels. They're gone before you know it!



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