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Looking for Some Bright Ideas?

You're in luck! It just so happens it's time for the Bright Ideas Round up! Whether or not you're familiar with the Bright Ideas Blog Hops that we've had once a month for a while, you're in for a treat!

 This month, we're reviewing ALL the Bright Ideas we've had since we started this tradition. Nothing but good teaching ideas, and lots of them!!
My Bright Idea for February 2014 was 10 Tips to Make Learning Stick! I wrote a summary of ten of the most important things I've learned about how the brain learns. Click the above image to see that one! (One of my favorites!)

In March I wrote about The Importance of Failure. This one is worth a read, as this is a pretty important idea which seems to get lost on us!

In April, I was working on motivating some wiggling little guys with my Baseball Geography!

In May, I shared some ideas on helping the kids to figure out when to add and when to subtract while doing story problems.
In June, I shared an easy, but effective idea for giving feedback to students.
In July, I shared some of my favorite Gimmicks that I use in the classroom!
In August I shared some Tips for Teaching Procedures

In September, I shared a Quick Exit Slip Procedure that is successful in my classroom. 
Last month, I shared a technique for sneaking in a little "Curriculum" during our morning greeting.

Wow, it's been a busy year!  Not only do you have 9 of my best blog posts, but in the linky below, you have links to hundreds of other Bright Ideas blog posts! If you're clever, you could convince your supervisor to give you some Staff Development hours for reading through all these awesome ideas! If not, we know you will be a more amazing teacher after reading all these tricks!

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