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Five Fabulous Feats!

It's been quite a week in my second grade classroom! We're really settling in, and getting established as an important second grade class! Here are a few things we did this week:

We chose our class tree! We are lucky enough to have this beautiful maple tree right outside our classroom! The purpose of  having a class tree is to observe it and sketch it all year. Right now, it's green, but some very observant children noticed a few of the leaves were "yellowish". I think changes are coming soon!

As observant scientists, it's our job to keep records of any changes that happen to our class tree. This week we went out and recorded our first sketches of the class tree. (How lucky to have PERFECT New England weather for sketching!) I was totally amazed at how observant these children were, getting plenty of details about the tree, and putting those details into their sketchbooks! They were careful scientists, going up to the tree to get a closer look, looking at the tree from different angles, and discussing what they noticed. It was a fabulous experience!

Although we are really still in "teaching procedures" and "assessment" mode, I want them to be building their skill, so I've pulled out my Fry Word Phrase game.  They're doing a great job practicing their phrases! I'm introducing the game's Brain Breaks to the whole class, then they'll be ready to play the game with the brain breaks without my help! This was a huge hit with last year's class, and I suspect it's going to be with this one, too. Those built in Brain Breaks are a huge motivator!  See HERE to see the set I'm using with my second graders.

Today at lunch, we were chatting with the brand new third grade teacher. She's feeling a bit overwhelmed, as most new teachers do at this time of year. I mentioned I'd been teaching at that school for 30 years now, and still feel that way sometimes. She said, "It seems like you still love it."  

Why yes, I still love it, but I was really glad to see that it shows! I loved hearing that!
We always reflect on our day, and many children say their favorite time of day is independent reading! Nothing could make me happier than hearing that! 

Why do they like it? 

Well, good books is one reason! But I think another reason is that it is cozy! I have plenty of comfy pillows, and independent reading time is the only time I take them out. 

What could be better than getting cozy with a book?

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