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What Have You Learned From Your Students?

I learn so much from my students all the time! Don't you?

I learn the kinds of things they like to do.I'll bet you're well aware of what kids like to do!  
My kids absolutely love to play games! They love variety, and they love to be social!

After many, many years of teaching, I've learned about how they learn.  

My students learn best while doing something they enjoy doing. They learn through repetition, and by being actively engaged They become actively engaged by doing what they like to do.

How do I get them engaged in doing what they like to do? 
I make fun things for them to do!

I make a lot of games for my students. I make the games based on what skills need to be mastered and what they like to do. 

The game this year's crew wanted to play over and over was Fry Phrase Frolic with Brain Breaks. It wasn't necessarily the phrases that drew them to the game, even though that's what I wanted them practicing.
Click the image for more information about this game.
It was the brain breaks! They read the phrases and worked their way around the gameboard, but they loved the brain breaks! They kept hoping their next card would be a chance to get up and move, and many times, they got their wish!  They had such a blast, that many times they didn't even keep track of who won the game!

Yes, I learn from my students. I've learned the value of brain breaks, and I'm in the process of adding brain break cards to all my board games!  

In the meantime, I've made a similar game for the second hundred of Fry words.

Click the image or click HERE for more information about this game.

Before the summer is over, I'll also be making a set for the third hundred Fry words.

Hope your kids like these as much as mine did! 

What have you learned about your students?

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