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Five Random Things From Another Busy Week

I've survived another week. One of these days I'm going to have a week where I do more than "survive". I'll guess it will be in another week: we have 5 days left!

Here are five random things about my week:

1. My daughter goes viral:  that sounds dreadful, but have you seen this picture on Facebook? My daughter took it and posted it a couple of weeks ago.  Rumor has it, it's had 800,000 views! I wish I got that kind of traffic! Check THIS LINK to see where she originally posted it on Reddit.

2. Summer Vacation Theme: Our summer vacation theme has been going well. The kids love pretending to be at the beach or out camping in the woods. Independent reading time has been the most fun part of the day! (As it should be!). As we still have five more days, we'll keep it going a couple more days.

3. Family Day: Thursday was good and bad. Good because I got to see family. Bad because it was about burying my stepmother. She actually passed away last July, but the burial wasn't until this week. So finally we had some closure, but it brought back some tough feelings we had to deal with all over again.

4. Sub Plans: It's so hard to leave the kids for a day so late in the school year. They have a tough time focusing even when I'm there.  I used my Camping No Prep Printables and they seemed to have a pretty good day! They enjoyed the fun activities, and had some great end-of-the-year review. I've never been good at tooting my own horn, but these came in VERY handy! If you're interested in a freebie set, click HERE. If you're interested in the full set, click HERE.

5. Wax Museum:  It's been a tradition for the third graders in our school to study biographies and dress up like the person they studied. It has evolved into a "Wax Museum", where the children pose like their character, and when museum guests "press a button", they come alive and tell about their famous life. It's always a hit, and years later, it's one of those things the kids remember! The lovely lady above studied Amelia Earhart. I took this cutie's picture for 2 reasons: 1 - She was my student a year ago. and 2- When my daughter was in third grade, she also studied Amelia Earhart.

I must admit, this mom did a much better job creating the famous Amelia Earhart hat! 

My students loved the Wax Museum, and have already started to think about next year, when it will be their turn!  

A couple of comments I heard:
"Ms. DeCost, Martin Luther King is over there!"
"Hey, I didn't see Michelle Obama this year!"
"I signed Walt Disney's autograph book!"

These kids are priceless!

Want to see more random pieces of the weeks of teacher bloggers? Go on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching!

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  1. I hope your last 5 days go smoothly! The Wax Museum sounds like a lot of fun...I bet the kids LOVE it. :-) So sorry about the loss of your stepmother...sending some positive thoughts your way!

    The Craft of Teaching


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