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The Week That Wasn't About My Tooth

In so many ways, this week was all about my tooth. I'd had a toothache for a couple of weeks. 
Last week I spent 3 hours in the dentist's chair taking care of the problem (which was extensive decay in 2 adjacent teeth) , or so we'd hoped. The dentist suggested  if either tooth continued to be a problem, it might mean a root canal is due. When one of the teeth continued to be a problem, I called back on Thursday before the Memorial Day weekend, to find out the dentist would be out until Tuesday, but I called the emergency number, and left a message that my present pain medication wouldn't last through the long weekend. I also asked if an extraction was a better choice than root canal because of the placement of the tooth. 
The office called me back and said a new prescription was sent to my drug store, and scheduled me in for Tuesday to discuss extraction.
I finished my first prescription on Friday, and opened the new one on Saturday morning to find it was a different prescription, one that conflicted with one of my present prescriptions, my blood thinner. Neither my dentist nor my pharmacy noticed it, but it was yet another call to the emergency line during the holiday weekend.
On Tuesday, I went into the dentist's office, and they agreed, extraction was the best choice. They were ready to extract right then and there, until they asked about my health history, I mentioned that I was on blood thinners. (WHICH THEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BY THIS POINT!)

Sorry about the yelling, but I was rather frustrated by this point! They said they'd need to call my regular doctor, and I might need to go off the blood thinners for a few days before the extraction.
Well, the blood thinners are what's keeping me from having another stroke, and I'd personally like to stay on them! It took two days and numerous phone calls between me, doctor's office, and dentist's office before they called me Thursday morning to set up an appointment that day for the extraction!
So I went into school, rushed to make sub plans for the afternoon, then ran to the dentist. 

Finally, the tooth came out, I had a miserable afternoon, but I was able to go back to school on Friday for The Artist in You Enrichment Day!

I'm still not on solid foods, but I'm finally moving on with my life!
Here's some great things about the week, especially Enrichment Day!

1. Tickets! Here's how our Enrichment Days work: All the teachers plan a workshop that they'll be doing a few times on that day. All the workshops have something to do with the theme. Since this theme was The Artist in You, I thought I'd share my favorite performing arts: acting and singing! Tickets for all the workshops are given to teachers, and the teachers assign the tickets to the children in their class. We had loads of arts represented: tap dancing, quilting, cooking, improvisation, making mobiles, square dancing... and they were so many more! 

2.  A Little Help!  I was lucky to have 2 fabulous volunteers in my classroom: my beautiful daughter and her handsome boyfriend Will.
They took care of the singing part of the workshop. They sang a couple of songs with the children, then performed a song for the kids. (The kids were totally engaged while watching the singing!)

3. Acting Games! Corinne and Will shared a game they play before shows that helps with focus as well as teamwork. (I'll remember this one!) It's called Pass the Clap, and it's a circle game.

4. Creating Characters! I've had a box of costumers that I have saved since my daughter was little. I've used it many times in the classroom, and when I've taught theatre games in a variety of situations.

I let the children at my workshop pick a few accessories and create a character. Then they had the chance to introduce their character to the group. Seriously, these kids are totally creative and their ability to create a character definitely impressed me! It was interesting to see how some of them come out of their shells when pretending to be something else!

5. Reliving Childhood! Toward the end of the day, I heard one of my students say, "Look, Corinne is on the swings!"  Sure enough, my daughter had gone out to her childhood playground, and relived her elementary years. I'm not sure who had more fun, my daughter, or my students watching her!

See?  This week wasn't all about my tooth!  In fact, I even created a new product: Camping No Prep Printables!

I even made a freebie to help you sample it! Click the image below for the freebie!


  1. Sally! Eeks, what a terrible tooth situation! I am so sorry! I am glad the tooth is finally out of there. It looked like you had so much fun otherwise, though!
    Reading and Writing Redhead

  2. Thanks! I'm on the mend, but still have low energy. Some how I managed to find time for fun!


  3. Sorry about your tooth!

    I love seeing how you do enrichment day. What a wonderful way for individual teachers to share what they know with kids!

    The Math Maniac

    1. Thanks! I love Enrichment Days, but they are exhausting!


  4. I am so sorry about the ordeal with your tooth! Scary the lack of communication that was going on, So glad to hear that you are beginning to feel better and heal!
    Conversations in Literacy

    1. Yes, it was kind of scary, but I'm glad to be on the mend!


  5. Thanks for sharing your camping freebies at Teaching Blog Addict Freebie Friday, Sally! I {enjoyed} reading your dental saga, especially since I'm going through one of those myself right now! Your experience was a great reminder of how we need to take charge of our own medical life - knowing your meds and their side effects and interactions. So glad that the ending to your story was a good one!
    Linda at Primary Inspiration

    1. Hope you made it through your dental ordeal, too!


  6. I know this post is almost a year old but, what a crazy dental ordeal, yikes! In happier news, thanks for sharing your wonderful camping freebie!

    Love to Learn

    1. Luckily, the tooth problem ended as quickly as it started... with an extraction as well as a root canal. Come to find out, there was a problem with 2 adjacent teeth. I'm still paying for the root canal!



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