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Murphy's Law Week

This week was really a summary of Murphy's Law for me! Plenty of things kept going wrong!

1. My laptop! Those who know me, know I'm totally dependent upon my laptop. I blog, I tweet, I facebook, I Pinterest, I've even started to Instagram! Plus, I read a lot about what's going on in the world! I get about 200 emails a day. There are sites I visit daily, such as Teachers Pay Teachers, and plenty of Teacher Blogs!  I'm on this thing a LOT!

Imagine my horror when I got up Sunday morning and it wouldn't start up! I finally got it back tonight, so I went almost a week without it. I still break into a cold sweat at the thought.

2. My garage door!  It stopped working. I couldn't get it opened. To make matters worse, the car was in the garage at the time. My significant other has been out of town all week, so he couldn't help me out. Luckily, my daughter's car is here, so I used her car all week, since I couldn't get mine out of the garage. Her boyfriend helped me out with the door last night, and the car is free once more!

3.  My tooth! I came down with a toothache this week. I had to make an emergency dentist appointment, and spent close to 3 hours in the dentist chair on Tuesday while he drilled away at the decay of 2 adjacent teeth. He had to remove a crown on one of them. As if that weren't enough, the pain returned and I've had to make yet another appointment. I've been taking painkillers all week, and eating nothing but yogurt, scrambled eggs, and plain pasta. After the holiday weekend (of COURSE it's a long weekend!) I'll go in and hopefully they're going to yank this icky tooth right out!

4. Exploring seeds! We did have some happy times in the classroom, despite my "Murphy's Law" week. We started our "Seed to Plant" unit!

I did get to work in my own garden a little bit this week, too, and I'm planning to do a whole lot more this weekend!

5. Memorial Day Assembly! I was so proud of my students today! They performed two songs at the Memorial Day assembly, and they were absolutely fabulous! My group sang You're a Grand Old Flag, complete with soloists and a dance routine in the middle! Then, later at the assembly, they joined with their third grade friends to sing Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA. Image those lyrics coming through the voices of children... gives you chills, doesn't it?  Unfortunately I was busy coaching the kids while they were singing so I couldn't get any photos, but I'm hoping there are some pictures out there somewhere: I saw several parents in the audience!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. Come on by and check it out!

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  1. Hi.
    I'm your Five for Friday neighbor and a new follower.
    Bless your heart, what a week. I hope next week goes better for you. Computer down is the worst :( .
    School Is a Happy Place


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