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A Bittersweet Easter

I've been reflecting on Easters past, and there is some sadness this year.  We have always celebrated Easter at my stepmother's house. We can't do that this year, since she passed away in July. Pat was a bundle of energy and always fun to be around.  She was filled with stories and one very classy lady.  It's particularly tough on the holidays to be without her.

Plus, I miss my dad every day. He was very important at most of my Easters.

I find myself still blessed, especially lately with my beautiful and talented daughter.  Just recently she was given a huge award at her college: 

Yes, that's right!  That says Outstanding Student of the Year! Isn't she amazing?

A few more pictures:

Here's her acceptance speech:  it's like the Oscars!

Plus, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Here she is teaching a seminar about social media to a group of student leaders.

Yes, I have many things to be thankful for this Easter.  Plus, if I survive the next week, I get a week off! That's just enough to help me last those last 40 days of school!

Happy Easter or Happy Passover... or just plain Happy Spring to everyone! 

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