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One of Patricia Polacco's Finest

I'm on vacation! Boy, this last week before vacation was a whopper, but somehow I survived!

Not only were these little guys totally due for vacation, but there were lots of complications that made it even more challenging:  snow days, blizzard bag days (See THIS post), making up Valentine's Day, early dismissal due to more snow, the Invention Convention, an assembly, and Spirit week! The kids brains were so fried they really couldn't pay attention to anything, but somehow we managed to get through the week.  

One of the things I managed to accomplish was reading my favorite Patricia Polacco book:  For the Love of Autumn. I had originally planned to read it for Valentine's Day, since young children can relate to the love of a kitten. Since we had a snow day on Valentine's Day, we read it this week.  It actually took all week, due to so many interruptions!

Friday's spirit day was "Dress Like a Fictional Character Day". Since things were so crazy busy, I didn't plan a costume ahead like I'd prefer, so at the last minute I was trying to think of something I could do.

I thought of the book I was reading to the class.  The main character is a schoolteacher who loves her students, loves her cat, and loves gardening.  Done!

I dressed like the teacher in the book, even with a scarf on my head, like many of Patricia Polacco's characters.

I couldn't actually bring my cat, Mia, but I tucked a beanie baby cat into my pocket.
Mia is not very photogenic, but she's loved!
I dug into my garage and found some gardening gloves and a trowel.  I put the trowel into my back pocket for the day.  (Which made sitting a challenge, but one must make sacrifices for the kids!)

I got plenty of compliments about my costume, but no one actually knew the book! 

If you click the image below, you'll find a link to Amazon to find out more about the story. 

This story is very much what I love about Patricia Polacco: she knows people-especially kids, she knows and loves cats, and she has an amazing heart. Her books are such great mentor texts for young readers and writers! They are great for modeling openings, closings, visualization, prediction, and showing feelings in text. I've never read any of her books that didn't warm my heart!

I follow Patricia Polacco's page on facebook.  (Just google her name and follow!) She posts a lot of pictures from her books, meaningful quotes, and plenty of adorable pictures of her new grandson!  As I see what she posts, it's clear why I love her books so much!

I'm linking up with Paula's Place and her Storybook Sunday linky party! 
Click the link below to see more great children's books!

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