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New England Bloggers Meet Up!

Well, I'm excited about meeting some local bloggers this weekend!  I read about bloggers from other parts of the country getting together, and now it's going to be us! Deirdre from A Burst of First was kind enough to pull this together.  I'll make sure there are photos to share!  

Last time I got together with other bloggers, it was 108 degrees in Las Vegas.  This time, we'll be lucky if the temperature hits 28 degrees in Boston.  But I don't care, we'll be sure to warm things up!

Speaking of New England, we are all sad that our Beloved Patriots won't be in the Super Bowl.  In my attempt to feel better, I updated this freebie for this year's teams and locations.  I also added some writing paper to use as you wish. 

I think I'll be turning mine into some opinion writing, since everyone in my class seems to have an opinion about which team should win.

Click the image for the Super Bowl mapping freebie, and leave a comment with your opinion on who should win!

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