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Some Really Great New Books!

The schools in New Hampshire have a really great tradition this time of year. 
 They have all the schoolchildren in grades Preschool -3 vote for their favorite book!  
The winning book is awarded the Ladybug Award!

Earlier in the year, ten books are nominated. These are all books that have been published in the last 3 years.   These are the books nominated for this year. 

The tradition in my school:  Ten different teachers make the rounds to the different classrooms, reading the ten books.  Then the kids vote for their favorite.  Besides getting to hear 10 quality pieces of literature, it's a great exercise to learn the democratic process of voting.  

We don't know the winner yet.  In fact, we don't even know who won for my school, but the winner of my class was Creepy Carrots, closely followed by The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.  

Trust me, they're all great books!  Here are some of the past winners:

All images will bring you to Amazon where you can find out more about these books.
 If they've been voted for by kids, you know they're good!

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  1. Super-cute idea! I am a MS librarian now, but this makes me miss my ES days! Maybe I can figure out a way to adapt to MS, maybe for nonfiction books?


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