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Five for the Team

Sometimes I write blog posts because I have teaching ideas I want to share.

Sometimes I just have something on my mind that's bursting to get out. I did one of these posts the other day with my Forever Friends post. This was definitely a sad reason.

Today I have happy feelings that are bursting inside me that I need to get out!

Boston had a tough year. After April 15th, Boston has been rebuilding its strength and feelings of security.

Although I haven't lived in the Boston area since the 70's, I'm still only an hour away.  What's more, my daughter lives there. As a college student in Boston, she was very close to the events of April.  She had actually thought of going down to Boylston Street to watch the marathoners cross the finish line.  Luckily, she had so much homework, she chose to stay in her apartment on her day off to catch up. (Thank you, college professors for giving her homework that long weekend!)

A few nights later, she was walking home, not far from MIT, when the MIT security officer was shot.  The next day, when all of Boston was in lockdown, I have to admit I was constantly checking my computer during class for word of the incident.  I rushed out of school that day ( not my usual 6:00 - 7:00 quitting time) to go home to watch the news.  I was glued to the TV, as well as Facebook, where I typically hear news before the network.  When the culprit was apprehended, there were tears of joy and relief from everyone I knew. Boston was safe.

The next time the Red Sox played at Fenway, there was much celebration (including a cuss word from David Ortiz that somehow made it past the censors!)  Boston was rebuilding.

Flash forward to the end of October.

After a surprisingly successful season, the Red Sox beat a powerful Cardinals team and won the 2013 World Series.
As Bostonians are passionate about their sports teams, the celebration culminated today in true Boston Style: A Parade through Boston with the Red Sox players in the Duck Boats, ending up in the Charles River. See Duck Boats for more information about how unique Duck Boats are... a definite thing to do if you visit Boston!
There are a couple of pictures I want to share, but they're copyrighted. I'll have to send you to the websites. First of all, Steve Horgan, Red Sox bullpen cop became famous for THIS photo. I've seen this photoshopped many times in a number of places, my favorite being on Slash Mountain. This was taken when David Ortiz hit a grand slam against the Detroit Tigers to help win the American League title, bringing the Red Sox to the World Series.

My other favorite photos were taken today, at the finish line of the Boston Marathon during the Duck Boat tour. David Ortiz got out and ran the last leg of the marathon route, then several of the players stopped at the marathon finish line (still painted yellow and blue) They put the World Series trophy and "Boston Strong" Red Sox shirts right on the finish line. Then the crowd sang God Bless America. Naturally, I shed more than a few tears. Those feelings run deep from that day back in April.

You can read more HERE.

I find myself wondering if the team would have done so well if that horrible incident hadn't given Boston an inner strength. Yes, they had some great players and great coaching, but I think these guys had something more. What do you think?


  1. I don't usually post on blogs, but I LOVED this. I also live in MA, but was chaperoning my daughter's HS trip to London when the bombing happened. We returned to Boston the day of the city lock-down and it was the eeriest feeling in the world to drive through a completely empty city. I cried at David Ortiz's speech in April (Cuss word and all) and I was AT game 6 of the series (yep, I was a school skipper....) Wednesday when they clinched the series. I cried then too - not for the fact that WE WON!.... but for what this city has gone through and the healing that has and is taking place. Thank you for summing it up so beautifully in your blog post. GO SOX!


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