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Too Tired!

I started school this week.  We had meetings Monday and Tuesday, with an Open House on Monday night, then we started with kids on Wednesday.  After three days with students, my mind is bursting with ideas for blogging, but there's one problem: I'm just too tired!

The kids always take a huge amount of energy, but the beginning of the year is exhausting! We're trying to get those routines set, the class rules established, and working to build some stamina.

Next week?  We've got to start some assessments!  Hopefully they have enough independence so I can work individually with others on their DIBELS.  Once I know what they know, I can start teaching!

Anybody else unbelievably tired this time of year?


  1. I hear ya! I'm exhausted too and can't seem to find the energy to blog. Glad I'm not alone! :-) Good luck with assessments next week!

    The Craft of Teaching

  2. So exhausted (we are back 10 days already) that if it wasn't a holiday today, I would have needed to take a day!

  3. Not to be the one with the different perspective, but this school year started off perfect. I'm not tired as much as I was in the past years. I'm balancing time for ME, my family and faith. Hang in there, team. Drink tons of water and have a great year.

  4. Absolutely! First day with the kiddos today and I'm beat! I love them to pieces but you're right about the first week being super exhausting. I teach 4th graders and they seem to have forgotten all their independent working strategies over the summer. Today was a good day and hopefully tomorrow will be even better, but I'm definitely exhausted.


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