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Ten for Day 10!

Well, we made it through out 10th day of school for the year.  Here are some of the things accomplished so far:

1.  I finally finished my DIBELS!  I've got some good information to work with.

2.  I finished my Words Their Way screenings.

3.  I've almost finished my Math assessment.  (I don't have anything wonderful, but at least it's some evidence about my kids and their math skills!)

4.  My kids are getting the hang of how I run my centers.

5.  My kids are getting the hang of coming in in the morning, passing in their homework, and getting settled in for the day.

Here are a few more things we'll be working on in the next week.

1.  Staying focused and building stamina during Independent Reading.

2.  Rule #1:  Follow directions QUICKLY!  (They take FOREVER to get settled!)

3.  Coming to the reading table ready to work, not fool around and chat.

4. Taking responsibility for getting their work done and passing it in.

5.  Looking me in the eye and responding when I say good morning to them!

What have you accomplished so far?  What's next?


  1. We have morning routine down and they are getting the hang of centers. What they can't do is sit still for even 2 minutes during any large group/whole class teaching. We are going to incorporate lots more deep pressure type exercises before whole group learning as recommended by an OT. We are going to do push ups, sit ups, and back to back pressure. We'll see!

    1. Deep pressure exercises are great! My little guys really struggle with stamina and their attention spans. We'll definitely be working on that!


  2. Only 170 to go mom! It may seem like a long time, but if you put it this way...in 165 days (including weekends/holidays, obviously), your daughter turns 21. So it isn't THAT long ;)

  3. Stamina is the biggie with most of the kids I am working with.


    The Math Maniacc


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