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Chapter 5: Writing Words

I'm trying to catch up on this book study!  I found myself a week and a half behind after the madness of the last week of school, but I'm catching up!  I might even be able to post about Chapter 6 on Monday, as originally planned!

Explanation of picture:  I'm trying to catch up...ketchup, get it?

Well, other than the bad puns, let's review.  Here are links to my posts on the first four chapters:

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Chapter 5 shows the reader how to start children writing words to go with their stories.  This chapter has several lessons modeled to teach beginners how to listen for the first sound in a word to represent words in their story.  It proceeds through writing sentences using initial consonants, using words the children already know.  It also modeled a lesson on working hard during writing time.

Although this chapter was very focused on what happens with beginning writers at the kindergarten level, It really relates to what I do with second graders on many levels.

  • I teach my second graders to say the words slowly and listen closely for the sounds they hear. (This helps with decoding more difficult words.)
  • I teach my second graders, "if they can say it, they can write it!"
  • I teach my second graders to touch each part as they read it back.  (This helps with proofreading.)
  • I teach my second graders to spell words correctly that they already know.  
  • I teach my second graders to work hard during writing time.
However, there are some differences between how I'd approach Kindergarten writers and how I approach my second graders.
  • Second grade writers write stories that take several days to write, and have several pages and several parts.
  • Second graders should be hearing all the sounds in most words, and remembering many of the basic spelling patterns.  Their stories should be far easier to read back (for themselves as well as others.)
  • Second graders have a far stronger sense of story, knowledge of what a story is, and a repertoire of stories they have read and/ or have been read to them.

Don't forget to come back on Monday for Chapter 6:  Assessment!

Be sure to check out the Chapter 5 linky at Teaching With Grace! Click the image!

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