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Three Years and Counting - Many Thanks!

Three years ago today I had a stroke.  It wasn't a crippling stroke, but it certainly changed my life, in many ways.

The stroke happened in the right side of my brain, and it affected the muscles on the left side of my body.  Some of the muscles have stopped working completely.  Some just don't work as well.  Most of my left side is super sensitive and tingles all day and night.  You know that "my leg fell asleep" feeling?  That's what I have on most of my left side all the time.

I need a whole lot more sleep than I used to.  I lose my balance a lot.  I  cringe if people touch my left side.  (It's hard not to scream sometimes!)  I need help opening bottles and jars.  I can't lift heavy objects or climb ladders.  I have a lot of trouble at the drive through.  I can walk easily on flat surfaces (like hallways), but struggle on uneven surfaces (like grass).

It has definitely changed my life.  Several doors have closed for me, especially as far as my hobbies go.  I used to tap dance.  That's over, as is skiing and hiking, or even walking outside.  Working out at the gym is still possible, but is done quite differently now, and far less frequently!

But there are good things about having had a stroke. Since I spend so much more time sitting now, I started a blog! Blogging has definitely been a very positive thing in my life.  I've met some wonderful teacher blogger friends, shared loads of great ideas, and improved my teaching through blogging.  For that I am forever grateful.

So I have reason to celebrate.  And I want to share my celebration with you.  How?

With a 2 for 1 sale on my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Here's how it works:  Buy something from my Teachers pay Teachers store.  Email me at elementarymatters@gmail.com with the subject line Two for One.  Tell me what you bought, and what item you'd like for free.  (Of same or less value as purchased item.)  I'll email you the free product.

This offer is only good through June 3 of this year.

Thanks for being there and making blogging worthwhile for me.


  1. Wow, I did not know about your stroke; as an Occupational Therapist, I can appreciate what that means functionally, for you. What a champion you are! What an inspiration! I love your neuro related posts. Congratulations on 3 years post-stroke.

  2. Congratulations on 3 years of overcoming! So glad you started your blog. You're a blessing to all your readers.


  3. Sally, I did not know this!! What a positive spin you have on life! I adored you before, but now I'm simply in awe!

  4. Wow! How amazing to read about how far you have come! My dad had a stroke a few years back and he describes his feeling very similar to yours - the tingling, the balance issues etc. Congratulations on overcoming so much!

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  6. You are an inspiration Sally, I'm sorry I missed the sale, but so glad I read this post! Paula


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