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Feeling Appreciated

I'm about as lucky as any teacher could be.  I work in the best school in the whole world.

Well, I feel that way most of the time, but this week I feel particularly appreciated.  Why?  Because of my school's wonderful parent group!

They went out of their way to make us feel special this week!

Monday morning started with loads of yummy breakfast treats, both healthy and unhealthy (yum), plus plenty of coffee!  (I can never get enough coffee, especially on Mondays!)  We also found a set of raffle tickets in our mailboxes... more about the raffle later!

On Tuesday, we found another treat in our mailboxes!
Isn't this cute?
We had a huge luncheon on Wednesday.  I had to drag out the camera for this spread!

Plenty of salad choices!
Yummy sandwiches and casseroles!
Hot and cold food!
Desserts!  Yes, these were as delicious as they look!

The "Zen" themed decorations at the luncheon made us feel extra special!

Isn't this beautiful?
All the teachers went back to their classrooms Wednesday afternoon ready for a nap after that big meal!
Luckily, the kids managed to wake us right back up!

These bags were in the teacher work room for most of the week.  All these gifts were donated to the school.  The tough part was deciding into which bag we should put our raffle tickets!

We found another clever treat in our mail boxes at the end of the week.. fortune cookies!

Friday afternoon, they held the raffle, and guess what... I won the "Time for Tea" Gift Basket!  Look at these adorable owl themed mugs, a variety pack of black tea, and a huge book of word searches!

Now do you see why I'm so lucky to work where I do?  This is my 28th year in this school, and I can't imagine being anywhere else.  I'm one very lucky teacher!

Plus, we got a little something from our administrators, too!


  1. It looks like you work at a great school! You deserve to feel appreciated for all of your hard work! Found you on the blog party. Your page looks great! Joe and Allie Teach

  2. What a special week! Thanks for joining the Neighborhood Blog Party! :)


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