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Another Snow Friday Five

It's another Friday Five at Doodle Bugs Teaching, and here in New Hampshire, we're having another snow day.  I love a snow day, especially when extends the weekend, but we won't be getting out for summer vacation until the last week of June.  No matter how many days we have, those kids are totally fried long before the end of June.  Yet, we still have to test them, teach them, test them some more, and some how keep them from hurting each other, when they simply need to play!

Oh well, it is what it is, and I'm going to enjoy my snow day by blogging!

Here's my Friday Five:

1. I found a linky party for all 50 states, plus Canada!  I'm thrilled to find out that I'm not the only teacher blogger from New Hampshire!  (Something tells me there are a lot more that haven't discovered the link yet!)  But all states (plus Canada) can link up.  Just go to Fifth in the Middle and find your location!  I love knowing where people are from!
2. I'm getting an ipad for my classroom!  Teachers in our district had to apply for the ipads.  I don't know how many applied, but I know I'm getting one, and I'm so excited!  Yep, it's only one, but I have tons of ideas on how to use it with the kids.  And, of course, I plan to make the ipad so successful in my classroom that the school district will HAVE to get a whole classroom supply in the future!

3. I've been having a blast celebrating Dr. Seuss this week!  We've read loads of his books and discussed rhyme, nonsense words and how his books hold truths despite all the silliness.  Today we were going to decorate our favorite Dr. Seuss quotes, but we had a snow day.  I guess we can squeeze that in on Monday!  Yesterday, we read The Lorax and made models of the setting with blocks.  Those kids are so creative!  (See pictures of this activity HERE.)

4. My students were having the most amazing conversation the other day at snack time.  They were trying to decide if humans were mammals.  They were talking about the qualities of mammals (which they seemed to know pretty well), and trying to figure out if humans fit.  They were actually using the skill of "backing it up with evidence" that we've practiced!  One skeptical girl kept saying "There's still something I have a question about.".  Another girl kept saying, "Are you convinced yet?"  Have I mentioned how great my class is?
5. I should be focused on this past week, but I can't help but think about one day in the future:  My daughter will be home from college for a week!!!  She's on spring break.  (Yes, spring, I use that word loosely because we just got another foot of snow today.)  I can't wait to spend time with my little girl!  (Yes, the little girl that just turned 20!)

Don't forget to Spring forward!  I'm trying to think in terms that spring will really be here one of these days, and not that we're losing an hour of the weekend and have to get up in the dark again for another month or so... I'm not a fan of "spring forward" coming so early!  (But I am a fan of the REAL spring, which we should start to see here in New England in about another month!)

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