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Seasonal Brain Breaks

Brain research tells us that students need to move.  Experience tells us that students need to move.  Teachers have been working in Brain Breaks for years.  Now there is scientific evidence about how important these brain breaks are!

With little ones, I try to squeeze in frequent brain breaks, and I often try to make these breaks somehow connected to what's going on so the learning continues.

Then other times, I make the break a total change.

Yesterday, just to get them moving during a transition, I told them to walk like a turkey back to their seats.  I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, myself or the kids!  Of course, sound effects were included!

Later during the day, I had them move like Pilgrims, then Native Americans.  I was impressed with their responses, especially the lack of stereotypes for the Native Americans!  (We had just watched Scholastic's virtual tour of Plimouth Plantation, so they had some more realistic views of Pilgrims and Natives.)

After each brain break, they were focused and ready to get back to work.  That's just what you'd want from a brain break!  It doesn't hurt if there are a few giggles in there, too!

Brain Breaks are important for the kids several times a day.  I'm sure there are other ways to use seasonal events to help the children take a break during any time of year.  They could move like a groundhog, the Easter Bunny, or even related it to a unit of study... I'll bet they'd love moving as a molecule or a seed germinating into a plant!

For you Pinterest fans, I have a whole board of Brain Breaks HERE!


  1. I love the brain break ideas. Also love the idea of showing the virtual tour! I checked it out and it is very cool!!!

    Just Diving In

  2. Very good! I need the brain break, too! I'm in first grade, and one of my brain breaks that is most successful is using the book The ABCs of Yoga for Kids by Teresa Anne Power. As we work through new letter sounds, the kids start asking if we can do the yoga pose that goes with the letter. It's fun and there's a short rhyming poem to go with each. I love to have variety in my classroom, and I appreciate your ideas to stick in my teacher back pocket!

    1. Jenny,

      I definitely need the brain breaks too, and I love Yoga for Kids!


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