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Exemplar Texts for the Common Core - Informational Text

Today I'm getting to my favorite category of Exemplar Texts:  The Informational Texts!

The Exemplar Texts are books that are recommended for this level because of the complexity and quality of the texts.  Children in these grades should be reading many books of this complexity and quality, these are just examples.

Here are links to the 12 Informational Texts recommended for grades 2 and 3.

I've always found that every class has a core of children who just love information books.  These kids  absolutely love learning stuff, and just can't get enough!

I love all books by Gail Gibbons (and have quite a collection of her stuff!)  She has a great way of explaining information to children in this age group, in a way they can understand.  From Seed to Plant is one of my favorites of her books!

Several of these books are new to me.  I am dying to read Where Do Polar Bears Live and Throw Your Tooth on the Roof:  Tooth Traditions Around the World.  I also think it's interesting that 2 of the 12 books are about Bats.

For more information about the Exemplar Texts for the Common Core at all levels see the Common Core for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/ Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects Appendix B HERE.

Which of these books do you find interesting?  What other books do you know of for grades 2 and 3 that fit this level of complexity and quality?


  1. Sally I am so glad I found your Blog!
    I like the way you simply explain the Common Core..we are transitiioning right now and MY concept (the one trapped in my head) is the Common Core is Whole Language revisited and made better! (phonics included-LOL) I love the pendulum in Education don't you?
    I have almost all of Gail Gibbon's books she is one of my favs!
    Need to see if I can find some of those other text before summer hits!

    1. Thanks so much!

      There are many things I loved about Whole Language, as well as most of the other methods I used over the years. One can never get bored in our career!


    2. Great information I can use now! I teach 5th grade, and our district is transitioning this year to CCSS. Thank you!


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