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Brain Gym

I found out about Brain Gym years ago.  It's been around since the 80s.  Brain Gym exercises were developed by The Educational Kinesiology Foundation and have become well known.  This little orange book has all the exercises inside.  The teacher's edition has deeper explanations of how each exercise can help in the classroom.  I have both books, and have used them for years!

The Brain Gym exercises are designed to activate the brain for learning.  There are "crossing the midline" exercises such as Cross Crawl, Lazy 8s, and the Elephant.  There are lengthening exercises such as the Owl and the Footflex. Then, there are Energy exercises such as Sipping Water, Brain Buttons, the Thinking Cap and Hook Ups.   The children love these exercises, and ask for them during the day.  They make great warm ups before lessons, and are great brain breaks when those little ones (or big ones) can't sit still any longer!

Wondering about all these activities?  There are videos and explanations all over the internet, just google it!

Here's a video with a few of the exercises.

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