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Bucket Filling , Rules, and the Scoreboard

Don't you just love this book?  I think it's a good one to read at the beginning of the school year when building community.

My class is in the process of developing class rules, rewards, and consequences.  My students have been brainstorming ideas, and tomorrow we'll go over the rules for the class.  This book has been very helpful, since "filling buckets" and "dipping into buckets" are something valuable to think about when deciding on class rules.  Our other focus when deciding on rules is that we are in school to LEARN.  All rules, of course, should focus on keeping the learning progressing in the classroom.  (To read more about how I develop class rules and see my freebie click HERE.)

Luckily, it looks like the rules my students have developed have fallen into the 5 Whole Brain Teaching rules! (Click HERE to read more about the rules!)  I'll be introducing those rules, along with their gestures, tomorrow.  The Bucket filling book came in handy here, too.  Since the 5th rule is "Keep your dear teacher happy", we had a great discussion on what would fill my bucket!  Some of the things they children came up with:  getting along with classmates, working hard, raising their hand if they need to speak, do what you're told right away.  Someone also thought it would make me happy to get gifts.  (What a cutie!)  I'm glad he brought it up, since it was an opportunity to make it clear what really makes me happy:  children learning and getting smarter!

Another part of Whole Brain Teaching that I use in my classroom is the scoreboard.  (Click HERE to read more about the scoreboard!)  It's such a simple concept, and it's a great motivator!  Today my class earned the privilege of keeping TWO beanie babies on their desks tomorrow.  Boy, were they happy about it!  All they had to do was make me happy!

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  1. I like to use bucket filling material when I start out with my classes. I love how you have connected it to creating the class rules. This will be my first year trying WBT, so it will be a great way to create the rules needed. Thank you.

    Charlene/Diamond Mom
    Diamond Mom's Treasury


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