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LETRS Training - The First 7 Points

Last June I spent 4 days (8:30 - 3:30) of training for the LETRS professional development program. LETRS stands for Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling.  There are a series of modules (12 in all) for the program.  It was an intense week, with tons of information.  We had the summer to process the information, and put much of what we learned in place in the fall.

I've spent most of this week at my second set of LETRS training sessions. Yes, I had a substitute in my classroom for the last 4 days.  That alone, is a major project!  We spent the 4 days in deep conversations about reading, phonics, spelling and fluency.  Before I did this program, I never thought there were 4 days worth of things to say about the English language.  After this second week of training, I realize how much I didn't know!

It's going to take me a few weeks for my brain to process all this new information, but here's what I have to say about this today:

  1. It's such a nice break to be able to hang out with grown ups for the day!
  2. It's such a nice break to be able to use the facilities when needed.
  3. Even though I sat most of the day on all 4 days, I was exhausted when I got home.  It's a different kind of tired than I usually feel, but I was beat!
  4. It was incredibly valuable to be able to have conversations with other teachers at my grade level, as well as teachers from other grade levels.
  5. I need to take my notes and put them in a binder in a way I'll be able to find the information I need.  (I have TONS of notes!)
  6. I have loads of changes I want to make in my reading instruction as well as the organization of my reading block.  Nothing huge, but loads of little changes that will make it all more effective.
  7. I miss my students.  I can't wait to get back to them tomorrow!
I have another 4 days to look forward to in August, the final 4 days.  If you ever get a chance to take the LETRS training, I highly recommend you do it, it's fantastic!


  1. This sounds like a great program. Where did you find out about the training sessions. I went to their web site but didn't see anything about training sessions.

    1. Sandy,
      This training session was sponsored by my school district. I know our presenter goes to schools all over the country for trainings like this. It is indeed a great program!



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