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Report Cards, Meetings, Full Moons and Maple Sugaring

Report cards are keeping me busy!
Fellow bloggers, did you every have a day where you just really couldn't wait to get home from work so you could blog?

We just got back from a lovely week off, and jumped onto the treadmill at a very high pace.  As usual after a vacation, the kids came back tired.  I suspect they stayed up later during vacation, and had trouble getting back to their regular times.  I find it takes a few days before they're back on schedule.

Today I had the gift of time!
There was a staff meeting after school on Monday.  After that I stayed and did my regular planning, then did some report card work.  Tuesday was another hectic day, more rushing, lots of  assessments to be graded during the day, and more report card work after school.  Today I had a parent meeting before school, giving me just a few minutes before my usual Wednesday morning meeting.  (Other teachers cover our classes every Wednesday for 45 minutes so we can meet.)  This is, of course, a great thing, except that it's tough being out of the classroom first thing in the morning.  Not being there to keep the routine intact throws things off kilter every Wednesday.  I lose instruction time, and the kids aren't starting the day in an organized manner.

Walking in the woods isn't such a good idea for me.
Now the week hasn't started well at all, but two things happened today that helped turn things around:  first of all, it's the first day in weeks that I had 100 % attendance.  For some reason, I don't feel complete if someone's missing.  I've had some kids that have been sick a lot lately, and I worry about them.  (I know, I'm such a sap!)

At lunchtime, I checked my email and had the second piece of good news:  my social studies committee meeting was cancelled!  I do enjoy this committee, but I really appreciated the gift of time!

So, I managed to stay in school for several hours after school.  I got more report card stuff done, and I caught up on three days worth of paperwork including several assessments that I need to determine report card information.
I hate missing out on valuable field trips!

I also wrote a letter to parents about Monday's field trip to a Maple Sugar House the kids will be visiting on Monday.  I'm totally bummed that I'm unable to go with them.  (I had a stroke a couple of years ago.  Although I'm doing pretty well, I struggle with a few things, like balance.  Walking in the woods is NOT a good idea!)  So I've been getting the kids all excited to learn about the maple sugar process, and I can't even go with them!  Sigh!

I think there might be a full moon out there!
 I left school quite late, but satisfied that I wasn't "drowning" anymore!

That's when I noticed the full moon in the sky.  Yep, that sounds about right!  Funny how teachers can always tell when there's a full moon!

Well, I finally got home and decided NOT to do any more work on report cards tonight.  I had too much on my mind, and I needed to blog.

Now I feel better!  Thanks!



  1. I know just what you mean about a 100% attendance day. When I see everyone is there first thing, I know I will get so much accomplished those days.

    1. Thanks, Mary!

      I always feel better when they're all there. Then I don't worry about them anymore!


  2. The day maybe was scattered but you did accomplish so much and now you can rest after a day well done! You wrote about the feelings of many teachers on many days. May you have the gift of time again soon! Carolyn

    1. Carolyn,

      Thanks for your kind words! It seems I know many people who had similar days this week!


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