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Oh No! Can you forgive my mistake?

I made a mistake about the recent Teachers Pay Teachers sale, but I'm willing to make it up to you.

I came home from my camping trip, and realized I'd made a mistake!

Well, other than thinking this was a camping table.  
Not a camp table

I really do have a little bag that's a camping table, but this little blue bag held a chair I hadn't see in about 20 years!

Not a camp table

My daughter is 23 now. I haven't seen this chair since she was little!

But seriously, while I was "unplugged", I thought I'd set my Elementary Matters store at 20% off for the Teachers Pay Teachers Bonus sale, but apparently I hadn't!

I feel bad! Maybe people wanted to buy stuff at a discount the day of the sale!

But I'm ready to make it up to you!

I've set my store at 20% off for this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. (August 26th - 28th)

Hopefully that will give everyone a chance to get ready for Back to School.

But there's something extra: If you purchase at least 2 resources (more than $3) during the weekend, I'll give you one resource $3 or less for free.

All you will have to do is email me at elementarymatters@gmail.com , tell me what items ($3 or more) you bought this weekend, along with your buyer name, and let me know what item less than $3 you'd like for free.

You can start filling your cart now HERE!

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