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Back to School Resources to Make Life a Little Easier, Plus 6 Freebies!

This post has 16 different resources that will make your life a little easier at the beginning of the school year. Plus, there are 6 freebies!

Want to make your life a little easier at the beginning of the school year? There is just so much to organize, and no time to do it! Before I get to the freebies at the end of this post, here are a few resources that will make your life a bit easier:

I've always been a big fan of Writer's Workshop, and try each year to come closer to perfection. I haven't quite got there yet, but here's what I use:  Writer's Workshop Starter Collection

This resource has tons of tools for every subject! Plus, each subject can be purchased separately: Tools for Learning: 

These are my lifesavers those first couple of weeks: fun and easy for the kids, valuable review for everyone, and no prep! 
Back to School No Prep Activities.

I hope you're not sick of the Olympics yet... these task cards review important first grade math skills! Plus, I teach my second grade task card procedures with these: Academic Summer Games Math Task Cards

More Olympics fun, and more no prep review! Life is easy with these fun printables! Academic Summer Games No Prep Printables

I teach game playing procedures and routines with this game: 
Back to School Get to Know You Game With Brain Breaks

This will be taking up most of the first couple of weeks of school... and I'm very excited about this new resource! See THIS BLOG POST for more information about this one: Strategies for Success: Team Building and Character Development

I'm a big fan of clip charts, and a big fan of using the sports theme in the classroom: Sports Themed Clip Chart

More sports, and learning responsibility with classroom jobs! Classroom Jobs with Sports Theme

Doesn't everyone love music? Music Themed Clip Chart

Doesn't everyone love learning responsibility? Classroom Jobs with Music Theme

Need help organizing Guided Reading? Here's everything I use, including ways to organize the kids that aren't working with the teacher: Guided Reading and Literacy Center Management Resources

Loads of helpful forms, checklists, and ideas for that first week: Back to School Essentials

If you're anything like me, the day is so packed, it's tough to fit in the fun stuff: These activities will make your life MUCH easier, and fun for the kiddos! Science and Social Studies Activities for August/ September

Speaking of bundles, this has pretty much everything! Back to School Supreme Teacher Bundle

There are also some freebies that can help you out:

I can't get enough of the Olympics! Academic Summer Games Freebie

This set which accompanies the book Your Fantastic Elastic Brain by JoAnn Deak has some great beginning of the year activities to help children understand how their brain works and how each brain is different and unique: I Can Stretch My Brain

We can't have enough Brain Breaks, can we? Social Studies and Science Brain Breaks

This set has a taste of one of my most popular resources. I start working on Math Fact Fluency at the beginning of the year. This set is based on brain research, and you can't miss! Fact Fluency Freebie

Here's a little taste of one of my favorite fall resources: Science and Social Studies for August and September Freebie

Seasonal Brain Breaks... always a hit! Back to School Brain Breaks

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