Monday, September 14, 2015

A Couple of Freebies

A Couple of Freebies: This post contains 3 freebies that can be used for Constitution Day, the autumnal equinox, and the month of October.
I just wanted to share a couple of freebies to help you through the next couple of days!

Here's Patriotic Holidays to help you through Constitution Day.

Here's a Summer or Autumn Opinion Writing Freebie to help you through the Autumnal Equinox on Sept. 23rd!
Plus, I've got some October Brain Breaks for you to download. Just click the image!

Stay tuned for more freebies and October resources!


  1. Replies
    1. You're welcome! I'm glad to share.


  2. I always forget about the great freebies I have. Thanks for sharing these! Off to pin them to help others out! I hope your year is off to a great start, my friend. =)
    ~Heather aka HoJo~

    1. Yes, you do have great freebies! The year has started off VERY busy! Hope your little guy is doing well!


  3. Thanks for sharing the Patriotic freebie.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these Patriotic Freebies with us all! I know it is so very important for students to understand and realize all the sacrifices and reasons behind all these important holidays. Thank you, as always, for great resources!


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