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We've Been Busy!

We just got back from Spring break, and we hit the ground running! We've been testing, experimenting, experiencing, and learning. 

First thing Monday morning, we had a great experience examining pond muck!

The kiddos were given a bowl full of pond much, and used tools to pull all sorts of critters into their collections. If you look closely, each little well of the egg carton has something or other swimming around in those little pools of water.

After separating each little critter and examining it, they identified it by matching it on the chart. Trust me, everyone was engaged!

We also used one of the close reads from my Science and Social Studies Printables for May on the Kentucky Derby. My personal favorite was their answers to the question: If you were going to the Kentucky Derby, what would you bring?  Most of them mentioned fancy hats AND sunscreen!

We did one of my very favorite activities this week: repotting impatiens to use as Mother's Day gifts. The kids love it, they learn a lot about how the root system of a plant works, and the moms get a nice gift! It's a win-win-win activity! 

Of course, when I purchase the impatiens, I make sure I get plenty of extras! Not only do I use the extras in my own garden, I keep them in the classroom and bribe use them as incentives. Children can earn the privilege of keeping a plant on their desk for a day. They love this!

We spent a few days thinking about our neighbors to the South this week.  We read several books, and enjoyed several of the activities from my Cinco de Mayo No Prep Printables. Their favorite part was seeing Mexican money and learning that chocolate (cacao beans) were grown in Mexico.  They also loved tortillas, nachos, tacos, and burritos! (Who doesn't!)

We've been working on measurement in math (great fun!) but I don't want the kids to forget those other important skills we've been working on all year, so I pulled out this freebie to review 3 digit addition and subtraction skills. You can find it HERE.

Thanks my Five for Friday!

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  1. Your pond critters are icky and fascinating at the same time! I'm sure the kids were absolutely thrilled. I need to get my class outside now that the weather is finally nice. Have a great week.
    Laughter and Consistency


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