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Graduation Day and Memorial Day

It's been quite a week! It started with a family celebration!

My beautiful daughter graduated from college! I just don't understand where the time went, but I couldn't be more proud! How did she turn out to be such a fabulous person?

My students have been busy preparing for their performance in the school's Memorial Day Assembly. The performance consisted of individual speeches about the history of Memorial Day, and information about the 5 branches of the U.S. Armed Services. Then they sang a medley of Armed Services songs.
We've been making posters, researching Memorial Day, practicing speeches, and practicing our songs. We spent a couple of sessions working on the posters, thanks to our fabulous Art teacher! The toughest part? Practicing standing still! 

Today was the big day! We had loads of parents show up, and the kiddos were well rehearsed. All children with speaking parts spoke clearly and enthusiastically. The microphone worked without static. The kids looked fabulous in red, white, and blue. They remembered the words to the songs and sang them with energy. The audience loved it!

Oh, it's that time of year! Besides the excitement of our performance, there's the need for the end of the school year and summer vacation! 
I've split my scoreboard into 4 different teams, and children who make the teacher happy earn points for their team.
Guess what the winning team gets after each day...
the privilege of having a flag on their desk the next day!
Yes, bribery works!

Besides upgrading my scoreboard, I've been pulling out all my review games. Click the above image or HERE to download this Reading Celebration Game freebie. 

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