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Easter Resources

Easter Resources: books, ideas, and resources to celebrate Easter in your primary classroom.

I can't believe Easter is almost here! It's barely April, and we still have tons of snow here in New Hampshire!

But it's ok to keep an Easter theme AFTER Easter, too. After all, they'll still be eating chocolate bunnies and jellybeans, right?

Here are a couple of books I've been reading lately:

How about a little Easter Music?

Do people still know the songs Easter Parade and Peter Cottontail? I sure do!

How about some Easter Printables? This set will keep my kiddos busy for most of next week! It's got math, reading comprehension, word work, and writing activities, all designed for second grade! 

My kiddos aren't ready to let go of the Math Fact Easter Egg Game any time soon. It's a fun way to practice those all important basic addition and subtraction facts!

There are several ways to use these Easter Egg Fillers, but the most fun way I've found is to put them inside those plastic eggs. Once there's no more candy in those plastic eggs, bring them to school and let the children match past and present verbs or singular and plural nouns! 

Or perhaps try this freebie with 2 digit addition practice: 

Here's another freebie: click the image for this variety of writing paper for Easter stories!

Still looking for more Easter ideas? Check out my April Pinterest Page!

Here are a couple of Easter post that you might also find interesting:

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  1. I hadn't thought about the song Easter Parade for ages. One of my remaining memories of my elem. schools days is being in the 4th gr. Easter pageant and parading around the stage to my teacher's "step and step" and having to hold a girl's hand too. I am using a song about April sung to Daisy, Daisy that I found at http://monthbymonth.scholastic.com/plays---poems.html. Not quite Broadway but my kids enjoy it.


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