A Peek at My Week

Our first week back after vacation was a fun filled week! Plus, it was the first FULL week we've had since the beginning of January! No snow days, no holidays, no delayed openings... and to top it off, there was a full moon! No wonder I'm so tired!

Here's my week:

Nope, not a distraction... (can you hear the sarcasm?) Earlier in the week, there was a big ladder right outside my window, just as the kids came into class in the morning. They were there to watch to men climb the ladder, then they listened to footsteps on the roof for quite a while. They had already shoveled the snow off the roof, so I'm not sure what they were doing up there, but it was a very distracted morning!
We had a lot of fun with Dr. Seuss this week! 

We read about his life.
We read several of his books.
We discussed his writing style.
Then, we made hats and put quotes from Dr. Seuss on them.

We even had a couple of third graders come in and read one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books to the kiddos! These two were such cuties, I wish I could show their faces!

We also had some fun with maps!
These maps are part of this set. Click the image for the link.

I found out that one of our favorite authors, Patricia Polacco had a pipe burst in her house and her kitchen was ruined. Her assistant was asked how her fans could help, and suggested replacing her collection of tea. This week the kiddos brought in teabags and wrote her notes. They were very enthusiastic about helping out, and their notes were sweet as could be! 

Here's a little freebie for you! It's a sampling of THIS SET.

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