Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine Week!

Another busy, hectic, crazy week has gone by! I wish life would slow down and return to some normalcy.

Here are highlights from my week:

I went down to Boston yesterday to get my daughter for an overnight pre-Valentine get together. I'd heard the streets in Boston were crazy from all the snow we've had, but wow, I've never seen it so bad! The above picture pretty much sums up most of the back roads in the Boston area... residential parking on the side roads limits plowing, and there's no place to put the snow. Residents with cars have to keep shoveling every time a plow goes by.

The downtown roads are half the size they normally are because of all the snow. This creates gridlock, which I got stuck in last night. A 45 minute drive took 3 hours. 

Around here, it's not quite so bad because we're rural and there's more room for snow. But people are sick of plowing and shoveling and driving in it, and we've missed a lot of school. The kids are cranky and on each others' nerves! The adults are trying to hold it together. 

Luckily, we've been busy doing other things, too!

Monday was supposed to be the 100th day of school. We had a Blizzard Bag Day. (See THIS link.) So we didn't celebrate Day 100 until Day 101. I've had this little tradition for years of going Day 100 Caroling. It's one of the kids' favorite activities each year. We bring our song sheets, and travel from classroom to classroom and sing a song to each group. My favorite part is seeing my former students in their "upper grade" classrooms. The kids love getting to visit each of the classrooms: we never get to do that, and it's a real treat!

I made out pretty well again this year! These sweet little Valentines never get old, even when you've been teaching as long as I've been teaching! I particularly like the homemade Valentine.

My own daughter made me breakfast in bed for Valentine's Day.

After opening Valentines, we made slime. Sounds crazy, but it was great fun! Plus, they learned a little something about States of Matter!

One week from now I'll be in Atlanta Georgia at the Ed Expo! I'm so excited to:
1. See lots of my teacher/ blogger friends!
2. See new educational materials!
3. Wear my new tee shirt with my logo!
4. Get away from all the snow!

For more about the Ed Expo, see THIS post.

And yes, it is snowing right now. We're in the middle of another blizzard.  

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching Five for Friday (Although it's almost Sunday!)


  1. Hi Sally, I love the idea of Day 100 caroling! What do you sing? I love to sing with my class. I'm SO sick of snow! I'm sincerely hoping this is the last real storm we get. It's snowing as I type this! Blah! Have a great week.
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. We have 4 songs that I have collected. This is the link to one of them The other ones I have collected over the years, but they're not mine to share. I know I got one in Mailbox magazine years ago, and I can't even remember the other two!


  3. Hi Sally - I just found your blog. I live in Wakefield, MA so I know all about the snow situation. The National Guard is in the area, and I got so stuck coming home from my father's house yesterday due to closed streets. We're doing the Valentine Exchange, too! Nice to find your blog!

    1. I couldn't believe how bad it was when I was in the city. As much snow as we have, it's not as bad, since we have plenty of room to spread it out. It's still a pain, though, and this frigid cold wind is nasty!


  4. Hi Sally,
    Wow!...crazy to hear about Boston other than what we hear on the news way out here in California. I was born in Boston and lived in Holliston until I was just 5, but I have visited relatives their my whole life. I have pictures of me in Holliston when the snow was at least 3 feet deep, but you really put into perspective why it is a problem in the city. I hope spring comes sooner for you than what the groundhog said!

    1. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it first hand. I'm sooooo ready for spring!



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