Super Bowl!

Super Bowl! If you know some Super Bowl fans, here are some great way to get them learning, including 2 freebies!

The decisions have been made, and we know which teams are going to the Super Bowl!

 I made a freebie! There's a map, 8 task cards, and 2 kinds of paper: 1 for each team.

Grab your freebie HERE!

Here are some football/ Super Bowl books I've found that the kids will absolutely love!  (Click each image for a link to Amazon for more information.)

I have a lot of sports related games, and several of them feature football. Here are a few:

My students LOVE Football Past and Present Verbs. Once they get the hang of the "Old Maid" card game, they're very funny trying to avoid the "Penalty" card.  They also get to practice several football related verbs!

Four Football Themed Games offers quite a variety of activities!  There are two math counting games (three digit before or after), and practice with short or long vowel words.  The game board is a big hit in my classroom!

Here's a freebie version of the above game:

Touchdown R-Controlled Vowels is one of my bestsellers. It's a Bingo game designed to practice r-controlled vowel words.  My students love this one!  I can be played with just a couple of players, or a whole reading group!

The above game has a "Math Twin"!  It's also called Touchdown, and it practices adding and subtracting 10 or 100 mentally.


I also have some math story problems with a Super Bowl theme... and a Groundhog theme.  (Groundhog Day is a week before the Super Bowl!)  Check it out HERE.

Being a fan of the Super Bowl commercials, I'm thinking we may even do a little Persuasive Writing in the next couple of weeks!

Brain Research tells us that making a personal connection and making learning fun will increase learning.  I'm always looking for excuses to make learning fun!

Can you tell I love the Super Bowl?

How will you be celebrating the Super Bowl?


  1. Well! My team, the Seahawks are ALSO playing in the Superbowl! hahahaha This will be fun to do with my kiddos!! Thanks.

  2. Oops, I'm a fourth grade teacher!


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