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It's Five for Friday!

It's not only Friday, but it's the Friday of a long weekend!

I'll be linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for 5 for Friday!

Here are 5 highlights from my week!

My kiddos completed THIS 2015 freebie (from Rachel Lamb), and needed the opportunity to use glitter. (This was last Friday, after 5 days of indoor recess.)  We finally got the finished products mounted and on the wall. Unfortunately these photos don't quite capture how sparkly and pretty they turned out!

 We've been working on Thank you cards since we got back from Christmas vacation.  (Well, we've been working on a lot of other stuff too, like mid year testing!)
I used THESE Thank You cards, and my kids just loved writing them! Plus, they love decorating them, and especially loved receiving them!

After 8 days of indoor recess, we FINALLY got to send the kids outside to recess on Thursday and Friday.  Boy, did they need to get outside!  They'd been real good sports about being stuck inside, and I pull out all the good stuff they usually can't use when they're stuck inside, but they needed to breath real air, run around, and PLAY!  They were in such better spirits by Thursday afternoon!

I really love the sound of snowpants swishing as they walk down the hall! :)

We've studied all about Martin Luther King's life, and how he chose peaceful protests rather than violence. By Friday afternoon, they were ready for a craft.  I ran off the earth pictures on blue paper so that the ocean was blue.  They traced their hands on different colored construction paper and decided how they wanted to show Dr. King's dream of peace between people of different colors. I purposely pulled out several shades of brown, orange, yellow and pink to represent the many different skin colors.  I was very pleased with how their projects came out!  (I'm not a fan of craft projects that look exactly alike, so I'm glad each one showed their own personal flair!)

My blogging friend Celeste from The Education Highway is having an awesome giveaway! Be sure to check out her 5 different prize packs, especially #4 which has my Mental Math 100just in time for Day 100


  1. Hey Sally! Looks like you've had a busy week. I love the MLK art projects. Very nice! We had our first snow this week, so we had our first snow day. Yippee! You can send snow our way. We don't get much, so we enjoy it when it comes. I missed that Celeste was doing a giveaway. I would have sent her something. I did one this week too. I am highlighting a few blogging buddies each week with Thematic Thursday, the linky I host. If you have winter freebies, drop by and link up. The giveaway runs through Sunday, so hope you'll give it a try. Have a happy weekend.
    Comprehension Connection

    1. We haven't had a snow day yet, but we've had a couple of delayed openings. I love those!

      Sally from Elementary Matters

  2. We finally had outdoor recess, too. It made an enormous difference in their ability to handle things in the classroom. They were all about to jump out of their skins! Thanks for sharing you've been up to.
    Laughter and Consistency

    1. It's amazing how much more pleasant the children are once they've had a chance to run around and get some fresh air! Mine sweet students weren't so sweet for a couple of days!


  3. Oh my you are brave to get glitter out! I am way too OCD to tackle that very often! I love how your MLK craft with the hands turned out. And bless you for teaching kids to write thank you notes! It's a lost art! Have a great day off!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

    1. My classroom has traces of glitter a week later, but I don't mind. If it makes them happy, it's worth it! Thanks so much for your kind comments!



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