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Life Continues to Amaze Me

It's been another amazing week in the life of my second grade classroom, as well as my own life!

Tuesday was Election Day.

 Although the kids really have no idea who is running for what, they saw all the political signs all over town and all those nasty ads all over the TV.
I wanted to give them an idea of what voting was all about, so we had our own little election... For our favorite board game! I made an impromptu ballot box, and the kids all voted for one of 4 games. One by one we counted the ballots and Battleship emerged as a winner. It was a very close race, just as many of our political races here in New Hampshire.

We have a day off coming Tuesday, and I always insist on the children knowing WHY we have these days off, especially if it's honoring the people who gave us our freedom!  

The Veterans Day True or False activity(seen above) can be found HERE.
The above pictured freebie can be found HERE.

I've spent some time reading books to help them understand what Veterans are. (The images below are links to Amazon for more information about these 2 favorites for Veterans Day.) 


After some discussions on Veterans, My students decorated their desks with "Thank You Veterans" posters. Aren't these awesome?
Well, it's hardly a "storm", but I have a huge day on Monday: A day of teaching until 1:00, (the only thing I miss is my planning period!) then parent/ teacher conferences until 8:00.  I love meeting with the parents, but I should be sufficiently fried by Monday night! I'm getting myself ready!

As per my usual, I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday on Saturday. I hate to break my usual pattern! (How do teachers come home after a long week and blog about their week?  I'm nonfunctional by Friday night!)

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  1. I didn't know you were in NH! I am in northern MA. Small world!

    Stinks that you have conferences the day before veteran's day... AND that you miss your prep period! :(

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans


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