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Back to School Success!

Several ideas and resources are suggested for back to school success.

We've been in school for 6 days, and we're settling in! Luckily, I spent some time this past summer preparing some materials, and I'm glad I did!

I'm so glad I have the Back to School Brain Breaks! Those first few days are so tough, and the kiddos need to move! This set has 12 different brain breaks with a "Back to School" Theme. The kids LOVE them! Click HERE for this freebie!

Giving the kids a chance to get to know each other is needed at the beginning of the year. Since game-playing is an important part of my classroom, I combined "getting to know you" with practicing game-playing skills: taking turns, keeping track of your partner, playing fairly, complimenting your partner, and what to do if there's a disagreement. Back to School Get to Know You Game (With Brain Breaks) is perfect for teaching these skills. It includes the same 12 Back to School Brain Breaks, which makes the kids want to play even more! It also includes a game board and lots of fun questions to answer! You can find the game HERE.

We've spent a few days discussing what would be appropriate rules, rewards, and consequences. We've read a couple of books, done a lot of brainstorming and recorded our ideas. 

They did a great job of brainstorming and sharing ideas, then writing their favorite ideas on their papers. Here are some of their ideas!

Have you noticed several mentions of beanie babies? They love those beanie babies! A big reward in my class for years has been getting to keep a beanie baby on a desk for the day. Pretty much every kid had that on their list! Isn't it amazing something so simple can be so motivating? You can get my Developing Class Rules as a Community freebie HERE.

Although we are still doing beginning of the year, I'm trying to squeeze in some skills. Luckily, I made these printables last summer based on end-of-first-grade skills, and I'm so glad I did! We have had some fun reviewing math, reading, writing, and phonics skills, and will be ready to do some serious second grade work as soon as that testing is done! You can find Back to School No Prep Printables HERE!

How is Back to School going for you?


  1. Man, I have a bunch of tiny beanies from mcdonalds - what a great way to use them. Thanks for the freebies!

  2. Sara,

    My kid was just at the right age to have a huge collection of beanies!



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