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Getting the Tape Off!

If you've been following my blog or my facebook page, you'll know I've had a little crisis with tape! Since people were in our classrooms this summer for summer school, we had to tape everything up so the people using our room wouldn't get into our stuff. Well, I happen to be in a very sunny classroom, (which is usually good!) but all that tape just baked away this summer, and the tape wouldn't come off!

I had lots of fabulous advice on removing the tape, and went into my classroom yesterday armed for battle!

I bought a spray bottle of "Goo Gone", a set of plastic scrapers, extra scrubbing sponges, and Dawn dish detergent. Why Dawn? Because it's extra good at cutting grease, and the Goo Gone is VERY greasy!

I sprayed all the places with stuck tape on Monday. I gave everything a good soaking with the Goo Gone. Unfortunately, it's drippy and runny, so it was all over the floor, which made those newly waxed floors super slippery, but I survived.

When I came in on Tuesday, I took my little plastic scrapers, and most of the tape came right up! You can probably tell the desk is rather shiny, because of the greasy Goo Gone. It took a lot of Dawn to get rid of that slippery mess!

After a good scrubbing, a quick second coat of Goo Gone to get rid of the sticky residue under the tape, and a good washing with Dawn, I was very happy!

I got all the little spots around the room, and feel like I'm caught up on the tape disaster!

I also did a whole lot of  other cleaning. Even though we cleaned the desks before summer pretty well, they were pretty disgusting after summer school, so they needed a full scrubbing. (It's hard to tell in this picture, but they were filthy!)  I had to pull out the magic eraser to do these desks!

I've got a few more days of work in my classroom before I'll be ready for those kiddos next Wednesday, but after all that cleaning, I think I deserve some shopping!  There's a BOOST sale at Teachers Pay Teachers, and my sales cart is already packed! This sale is for the benefit of people like me who weren't quite ready to shop at the first Back to School sale a couple of weeks ago... I'm ready now!

Of course, if you already shopped at the last one, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to pick up a few more things for those kiddos!


  1. I have summer school in my class every year and have to go through the same thing. What I don't lock away I tape down also but I use blue painter's tape. I know it's more expensive, but worth it. (and I have a whole wall of windows...very sunny! Yes, they can get in if they really want to (but they can with masking tape also). I haven't had any problems (know wood). Have a great first week of school! (the students come next Monday for me)


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